Book reviews: The Way Home to Love by author, Maresha Donna Ducharme

REVIEWS: The Way Home to Love, A Guide to Peace in Turbulent Times

Editorial Reviews

“…a wise and insightful spiritual teacher, leading others toward a path of Truth, Harmony and Love of the Divine. Drawing from various guides, Maresha has woven esoteric teachings from several traditions into a practical resource for Westerners that captures the essence of the highest teachings. Maresha’s ability to communicate the deepest wisdom of the ages to modern seekers is a gift to her readers.”
~ Yogi Amrit Desai, renowned yoga master and creator of Kripalu and Amrit Yoga

“I so enjoyed reading this book, and I encourage you to crack the cover and dive on in, especially now in the midst of our profoundly turbulent times. Finding Your Way Home to Love is beautifully written in the light of clarity, compassion, and seasoned knowledge. It will help you to strengthen and renew your spiritual core, and to balance your life. With her dedication, her integrity and her depth of experience, Maresha was born for these times.”
~ Steven McFadden is author of Farms of Tomorrow, Profiles in Wisdom, Odyssey of the 8th Fire, and other works

“Maresha boldy, yet calmly, points out the simple truths about what binds us to suffering. She encourages us to notice these tendencies are not necessary; that in fact, we can notice our folly and engage in fullness of living, honestly, so we might realize sanity in this troubled world.”
~Kevin Frank is an advanced Rolfer and faculty member at the Rolf Institute. He helped to found Springwater Center for Meditative Inquiry and co-authored How Life Moves

Reader Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Beautifully written and filled with many ways to help the spiritually minded. Good book to read over and refer back to.
~ Kathy R

This book is a balm for the spiritual seeker’s soul. Simultaneously down-to-earth and uplifting, Maresha’s teachings of universal wisdom call us forward to our best selves: she describes concrete daily practices and real life examples, and provides glimpses of ancient spiritual truths to strengthen and inspire us. The teachings encourage us to investigate the blocks within that prevent us from knowing who we truly are and from communicating with the Divine within.

Despite the increasingly violent and unstable times in which we live, many of us know deep in our beings that another world is possible. Even though we may have a long way to go in our spiritual strivings, this endeavor to create a better world begins within each individual. It is all about persevering in the inner work of removing the obstacles within ourselves so that we can dis-cover the Truth of who we are: the resonance of Divine Love and Light. I will refer to this book for daily encouragement along my path.
~ Carol

I am blessed to have studied with Maresha Donna Ducharme for fifteen years, and I participated in transcribing many of the talks that form the basis of this book. I have studied with other teachers and have also read many books on metaphysical subjects. Maresha is unique in my experience in that she not only uplifts and inspires with her teachings on the nature of divine consciousness, but she is relentless in guiding the student to self-reflect and identify the inner patterns and reactions that block the light of the divine. Self-reflection, along with other practices in the book such as meditation, surrender, and living in the cycle of grace, teaches us how to unblock and release the love that is already within us. I am more than delighted to see so many of the messages that have been shared in discourses and talks over the years, now available in book form to everyone who travels the path.
~ JW

The author has great insight into her subject and conveys it in a concise and eloquent manner. This is a book which can be read over and over and still find new helpful advice.
~ P Martin

A very nice book for modern men and women as a guide to positive thinking and living in the light of love.
~ AB

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