Dragon’s Fire Discourse

You use the word “risk” all the time. That used to throw me because I always thought of something drastic. Now I know that taking a risk might mean speaking the truth or saying “No.” Taking a risk doesn’t have to mean leaving my marriage to go to India to find my guru.

That’s right. Your guidance might not give you permission to do something, and your mind might wrestle with, “Gee, what will they think?” or “I don’t want to offend anybody.” The risk is to follow the guidance, to trust love. There’s a risk in it because you’re used to doing things a certain way according to your pattern and you don’t want to offend anybody.

But then there are also times when our lives feel especially risky, like when we go through a divorce or lose a job. Will I be safe, will I be taken care of? Will I be loved? Spirit always gives us choices in these situations.

Years ago I had a relationship that lasted for ten years. One day my partner drove out of the driveway and never came back. He left me with all the debt, mortgages and loans, none of which I had when I met him. There was everything in the world for me to fight against. I just remember going through this time and getting really worked over. I realized I was either going to become bitter and get into a fight and end up in court “duking it out” over the next two or three years and feeling I’d been taken advantage of and used, or I was going to let it go and let myself be taken care of by the universe and be loved. I chose expanding my own boundaries to receive more love. So I said, I’ll take it all. I’m not going to fight. And I didn’t fight, and I took it all.

I learned one of the biggest lessons of my entire life because it was such an intense time, and I just needed my heart to stay open to love. I took on the mortgage and all the debt by myself. And, I did it beautifully and gracefully. I did all the things that God gave me to do: running the Sanctuary, working with people, yoga teacher trainings, and all of the other things I was given to do. Not only did I take care of everything that I needed to take care of financially, but my life flowed and was supported in a beautiful new sequence, which I could have never imagined. I was living from temple to temple. Those were the temple years: with Shakmah at The New Seed Sanctuary and with Gurudev, first in Pennsylvania and then in Florida. That’s all my life was; it was absolutely, extraordinarily beautiful.

The thing about love is that it asks you to expand all the time. And when you expand, you have to break through the wall that wants to keep you in one place. There’s a wall that says, this is your comfort zone, this is what you feel good believing, these are the people you like to be with, and these are the things you like doing. These things over here? No.

But it doesn’t work that way. When you expand, you give up your comfort for a while. And once you expand in one place, as soon as you’ve expanded into that, love asks you to expand again. And so, you become very, very big.


Maresha’s next blog will be published Wednesday, November 4, 2015. Messages of Light is published by the Sanctuary of Universal Light on Snow Dragon Mountain in Meredith, New Hampshire.